Saturday 30 August 2014

What I'm Wearing: Cloudy London Morning

Ombre bustle dress: [Modcloth; no longer available]
Cardigan: [thrifted]
Heels: [Camden Market; London, England]
Bustier [Urban Outfitters]

Kind of an old outfit from when my hair was still a real shade of blue, but I'm pretty sure I wore this dress every time it came out of the wash just because I felt like a cute little 5 foot nimbus floating around. Only issue: this dress was just way too low (I mean... just not practical. Nope. Not happening.), so the bustier was kind of necessary. 

Those shoes are also the comfiest heels I will ever own, I've walked downtown Toronto in them and across London and been perfectly fine. In case we haven't noticed, I'm all about the comfy. This is such a lazy-morning outfit that makes me want to cuddle everybody and drink tea and live in London. 


Basically, if you're ever in London (ya know, because that's a casual thing that people do), there are a lot of places to see. There's something for everyone. I went crazy at the Namco arcade. But if I could only suggest 2 places (that happen to very much capture this outfit and just all of London as a whole):
  1. Camden Market:
    It's just this bustling market of clothes, food, toys, knick knacks, anything, and it was so exciting just being there (also everything was cheap and some of the sales vendors were very cute british boys lolwut).
  2. Foyles Book Store:
    HEAVEN. My father literally had to pry me away and drag me out of the store. As the world's largest book store (at 50km/30m of shelving), they have several covers and versions of pretty much any book you can imagine. And then a lot you can't. Gilded . Penguin publishers. You name it.  And then this amazing thing called Literary Blind Dates where they wrap books in brown paper and give you the premise but not the title (I ended up with Animal Farm by George Orwell).

I was very... very... very excited about the canvas-bound copy of the Leviathan (Thomas Hobbes). But of course my sad little wallet only privileged me to touch the book, and not own it. 

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