Friday 19 December 2014

Online Finds: Mass Effect/Cosplay Guns

Shopping online really feels like treasure hunting.

Wow. I've really locked myself in my room playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. I mean... sitting down for 10 hours at a time, not eating, sleeping, or getting up at all, really. But I finally pried myself away and....

[Insert the Legend of Zelda "discovered treasure" sound... da da da... daaaaaaa!]

It's all battle-worn and the N7 logo is nicely printed, too, which is a bonus!

I don't really cosplay so I guess I can't justify dropping $100+ on this, but if I did, I'd be all over it. Or maybe I'll just buy this because it's nice to have.  I am all about those paint scratches. 

The shop does custom designs on guns, if you want to cosplay any characters who use them. His store already has a ton of cool stuff up from other games like Resident Evil and Borderlands (two other games I love and make me wish I cosplayed). 

Or do most people just make their own cosplay weapons? Someone enlighten me!


  1. I actually make all my stuff, you can find tutorials everywhere and it's tons of fun to work out.

    1. I feel like I would make a huge mess with the mod podge! Definitely something I want to try one day though, no matter how messy it turns out!