Friday 20 February 2015

Asian Sweets!

So for Americans or anyone else reading this who have Spring Break, up here in Canada, we have .... Reading Week! And technically it's supposed to be an entire week to study for your midterms but I can count on half of one hand the amount of people I have met who actually study this week. A lot of people skip town and grab the first trip to Cuba but here I am, back home in the Six (<- that's what Drake is trying to get people to call Toronto. I don't know if its caught on beyond this city though).

Anyway, I took a bubble tea trip with my best friend as soon as I got home! I've always thought Chatime was like the Starbucks of bubble tea (including how expensive it is...) but I love it anyway! My favourite is Fairy Vanilla Milk Tea with pudding. It just sounds cute and full of sugar, right? Right up my alley.

My parents also brought home some taro/red bean/sesame mochi and it was so fresh and soft! I'm such a sucker for red bean paste. I wish I could make mochi but I think you need a machine for it.

We also visited this store called Simple Way with nothing but Japanese imported candies and pens and phone cases-- I could tell they were imported straight from Japan because everything cost 3x more than I thought it would. Although, I did spring for a $10 bag of green tea chocolate, my weakness. I like the hard candies too (especially the ones that are milk and fruit based)!

My sweet tooth is really going to miss all of the Asian candies when I go back to Kingston for university.

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