Saturday 18 April 2015

Be A Better Gamer: FPS Fun (Counterstrike)

I'm just going to come out with it: It's been a rocky re-start.

I'm not afraid to admit I'm not a bad shot. I've got good reaction time and I can hit a headshot pretty consistently. 

I used to play Counterstrike more, and I got used to it. I found things that work and don't work for me and it become more natural to remember certain mechanics. I found a rhythm, and that's important with this sort of game. In fact, I was so predictable playing Counterterrorist that my friends called me Aug-Cat (my Steam tag is Ang_Cat), because I was always loyal to my Wings Aug

 But... I haven't touched it in over a year, and my ability really really fell off the map. Which is saying something because I wasn't amazing to begin with. 

Unfortunately, I got pretty accustomed to more forgiving games. A couple years ago, when I played a sniper in Mass Effect long enough to quickscope like an MLG champ I thought I was the Queen of the Castle. And that skill translates pretty well, pretty often, in the occasional Halo/COD game, or in an offline shooter RPG, or occasionally if an enemy sneaks up on me.

But that kind of work isn't going to cut it in Counterstrike (I've been playing GO) on the regular, so I'm going to need to improve. A lot. 

In Counterstrike, it's less about your ability to react. It's a lot more cerebral.

SO... I'm going to start a new tag (we're still testing out how well it'll go), dedicated to getting better at gaming! If you're reading this, we can improve together. :) 

PS. Being 100% honest here, I completely stole the title from my favourite streamer and my secret soulmate, Day9.

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