Friday 12 June 2015

What I'm Wearing: Everday Japan Fashion

Tights [eBay]
Denim tie-front top [Forever 21]
Drop-waist white lace skirt [Thrifted; similar @ Kimchi Blue or here if you're unfathomably rich]

So I recently visited Japan to see where my parents were married in Tokyo!

If there's one thing you can pinpoint about Japanese fashion, it's that there's nothing you can pinpoint about it. It's unpredictable, from the ultra-feminine Lolita styles of which have grown popular here in the west, to the energetic Kei styles, to high fashion, anyway you'd like to dress is ok in Japan. 

That isn't to say that Japan is without its trends! Especially those who are into less extreme fashion, but still obsess over clothes, the subtle femininity is key here. Cute, not sexy (but secretly a little bit sexy) is what we're going for here.

Right now, I can really tell that Japan is huge on low-waisted and long, flowy skirts: the kinds that rest comfortably around your hips. I'm one of the biggest advocates for a snug high-waisted pleated, but these feel so carefree and not-finnicky! I need more!

But of course, us Asian girls are never without just a little bit of the sass our mothers gave us, so I'm channelling the B-Boy/dancer in me (just kidding I have no bodily rhythm) with the plaid layer, to tie around my waist when it gets hot. 

This was also the day we visited the Kifune water temple in Kyoto! We had to climb so far to get to the mountain village, but it was beautiful. You're supposed to drink some of the water or take some with you for good fortune. So I now have ¥300 worth of water sitting on my desk.

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