Let's get to know each other ☆

Hey there, friends! Let's keep it short and sweet (like me- I'm 5"0)....

My name's Angeli but I'd rather ya call me Eli (like Manning). I'm a Toronto (Canada) girl, born and raised.

I'm a Film & Media Major with an ENFP personality, and a violent love for sweet foods, pop culture, and cute things!

There's a 95% probability you are taller than I am. A Song of Ice and Fire has a special place in my heart. 

My greatest achievement was when I kind-of-mildly-sort of saw a movie with Guillermo Del Toro where I said he looked like George R. R. Martin, and a week later he told him so over lunch.

I love fantasy and adventure anything, all manner of movies and television, writing slam poetry, singing, nature, art, video games, sweets, Batman, and travelling.  

That's about it for me. Your turn!

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