Wednesday 30 July 2014

What I'm Wearing: Crows Before Hoes

I was going for a kind of Bottom-Of-The-Wall Blue, you know? The kind of blue the Magnar of Thenn would shiver at. But I think I ended up with more of ***A Dance with Dragons spoiler*** this kind of blue.

Shorts: [Kind Exchange]
Belt: [Brother???]
Shirt: [Homemade, originally Ardene's]

A friend and I went on a bit of a shirt-making spree using iron transfer paper from Staples and plain white tanks from Ardene's (cheap, super easy, super well-fitting). We've both been huge fans of A Song of Ice and Fire since before A Dance with Dragons came out, so this was pretty exciting.

I was somehow smart enough to get the staples logo all over the shirt

This was the day I moved into my new apartment in Kingston. Lots of manual labour (not that I was the one who took the big couch up to the 4th floor, nor have I been to Castle Black yet); I'm pretty much part of the Night's Watch, ja feel?


  1. Really like your style! And your hair is awesome!

  2. Nice outfit! I love your hair too! :)


    1. Thanks! I really didn't anticipate how quickly blue fades though. :(