Saturday 13 September 2014

Found my Dream Job: CUDDLING.

Okay so apparently this lady gets paid to cuddle strangers?

Which I know sounds cute-but-sad at best and emotional-prostitution at worst, but I literally do not care what it sounds like.

Her name's Samantha, she charges $60/h, seems super smiley, and always reminds clients who mistake her service for emotional attachment that on her end, it's just a job, not the start of some beautiful Zooey Deschanel Rom-Com type deal.

I mean, it sounds super weird and like a service that I would never, ever, ever pay $60 for because I can spend that money on sushi and video games, but good on her, because this sounds like one of the most fun jobs ever.

I'm saying that I understand the knee-jerk reaction, the stigma, the initial "wow this is super weird, I wonder what kind of people use this service..." because that was my reaction. At the same time, now that I'm over that, cuddling with a stranger sounds lovely (not that I would charge people for that, nor would I drop money on the cuddle training sessions she's trying to put together because I like to think I'm an A+ cuddler).

I think it's a pretty good idea. Sometimes you need a little emotional TLC. I know there are days when I just want a hug, and it helps that the people handing them out are my friends, but there's a reason the 'Free Hugs' sign guys on the street get so much hug-action. Sometimes the physical act itself is enough.

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