Sunday 14 September 2014

Day[9]: Not Just a Pro-Gamer. Also a Perfect Human Specimen.

WARNING: This is pretty shameless fangirling, and probably not my most hard-hitting post yet. But I feel like it needs to be on my blog at some point

I know what regular celebrity crushes are like. Typically, they fall under the category "super buff movie star who plays superhero and/or quintessential nice but tough guy", i.e. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt.... obviously it helps if their name is Chris. 
(and I ain't complainin')

That, or they fall under the category of "nerdy best-friend-type who likes tie clips, vinyls, and coffee shops".

And it's probably the giant nerd in me, but I genuinely think all of those celebrities are blown out of the water, literally do not even compare to Day[9]

So who is Day[9] (as a lot of my friends have to ask me, to my dismay)?

Possibly the most average man that average can be while still qualifying as semi-famous AKA having a wikipedia page. 

He gained his fame through being a professional Starcraft player in championships like MLG and then later became an e-sports commentator for things like Dreamhack. Last year, he also attended an invite-only Magic: The Gathering pro tour.

 Yeah, you heard me, the man of my dreams achieved fame for literally the nerdiest thing imaginable. 

And I'm fine with that. He may not exactly be the strongest, fittest guy on the planet. Actually, other than being an avid gamer, he's also a game designer, and has a degree in Mathematics. He's the definition of dork, and that makes him pretty damn precious.

He gets scared playing Amnesia and he embraces it. He can't figure out a puzzle in Tomb Raider and you can bet he's going to be giggling and smiling the entire time we're sitting here waiting for him to cut the rope on the platform and just jump already Sean oh my god

Nothing cheers me up more than the amount he loves his stuffed bunny, Manfred. Except maybe when he's wearing a corgi onesie.

And when he's sad:

(The 2011 Valentine's Day Story) 

He's still a perfect human being who deserves all of the happiness in the world.

And actually, he's comparably... not that great at shooters, RPGs, and anything that's not strategy.

But it's fine. Yeah, he's a precious, hilarious geek. So funny, and so ridiculously genuine. But what's better: Sean Plott's the most uplifting, positive person I've ever come across: in fiction, real life, on the internet, I've never encountered anyone as sunny as him and his alarmingly white smile.

The ultimate sweetheart. 

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