Wednesday 24 September 2014

What I'm Wearing: Film Student

Shirt [Birthday gift; apparently Target]
Shorts [Birthday gift; Forever 21]
Socks [My highschool uniform store, can be found on eBay]
Shoes [Camden Market, London]
Necklace [Little Burgundy]

Hey hey! So my best friend got me this rad t-shirt of the Batman symbol filled in with an off-air screen for my birthday, which is pretty much as 'me' as a shirt gets, because I'm a Film major and I love Batman so much it hurts (I mean I would marry Jason Todd I mean what) and I am always trying to channel my inner badass bad girl Cassandra Cain. 

This necklace is also actually my favourite thing. I've been searching forever for a quartz crystal that works with everything as an everyday necklace and I think I finally found it. I called it a "birthday present to myself" because otherwise I probably would not have spent the money for it.... but worth it! 

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