Friday 26 September 2014

Hair change: Purple-Pink Ombre

So my hair finally got blonde enough that I had to draw a line and here we are!

I'm trying this new method where I just ask people what colour to make my hair and then I do it-- it makes it more exciting for me because it's less of a planned, thought out decision. A few friends said purple, but a toddler said pink, so I had to compromise, you know? The toddler knows best. 

I actually really like how it turned out, and a lot of people tell me that the colour suits me/that my ombre looks a lot better than it would if it were a solid colour. 


If we're wondering how I got the purple-pink ombre (a lot of people ask me because I know that a proper ombre is tough to do on yourself), it was actually pretty easy once you know what you're doing!

First of all: I FINALLY invested in a tint  brush. 
And if you ever dye your hair, let me just save you years of pain and hardship and tell you to get one the first time you dye your hair (or bleach it, if you're confident)

I got my tint brush for less than $5 at Shoppers. I haven't had my plain natural hair colour for maybe 5 years now and now that I've caved to buying one, things got so much easier (and more even), I would never have tried an ombre without one or the colour line would have probably not blended at all.

Second of all: I brushed the darker colour up towards the ombre and then I brushed the lighter colour down towards the ombre after, so that the dyes blended and mixed evenly.  

If you've ever painted, that's an easy way to remember it. With acrylic and oil paints (which have that thick pigment that dyes do), you paint darks to lights. 

Because I just used Manic Panic (Cotton Candy and Ultra Violet), I used a couple test strands, and then dyed my hair, and then re-dyed my hair two days later with the same pots, going over duller spots, to make it pop even more. Here's what it looked like after I put in the test strands:

And then I went over it the second time:

Anyway, because all of my choices link back to nerd-things and all of my fashion choices link back to characters I love, I feel like this one should be dedicated to Aoi Yamada, my favourite character on Working!!, which just recently got its 3rd season confirmed. 

If you haven't yet and you like lighthearted, mindless, cute slice of life animes, it's perfect. It reminded me a bit of Lucky Star, which was obviously brilliantly written if it took 2/3rd of the series for me to realize that the show had literally no plot, and only entertaining dialogue. 

Now if only I could be as cute as Yamada. 


  1. SOOO PRETTY!! toddlers really do know best... lol! i love how they tell you like it is!


    1. Toddlers are the most honest critics I have! haha

  2. OMG, your hair looks amazing! It looks fab on you!