Sunday 28 September 2014

What I'm Wearing: Blue Sunday (by The Doors)

Little known fact, I'm a huge fan of The Doors. Now, as cool as that might sound, let's just establish something: I'm still not cool. I'm still very, very uncool (and okay with that!). I probably can't name 5 Zeppelin songs, I've twisted my ankle while standing still on flat ground, and when I put on a leather jacket, I look more like those babies that hip parents dress up in designer clothing than any bit of badass. 

I was kind of going for a cross between someone who plays Jet Force Gemini on my N64 on a lazy Sunday morning and someone who has great taste in rock music.

Plaid Button-Up [Boyfriend; apparently Walmart]
Crystal Necklace [Little Burgundy]
White paint-splattered, frayed denim shorts [Forever 21]
Tights [eBay]

This one comes with a nice Sunday playlist of some of my favourite old songs (minus most of The Beatles stuff, which would make this playlist too long): [PLAYLIST HERE]

Can't Take My Eyes Off You: Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons
Love Me Two Times: The Doors
Tears in Heaven: Eric Clapton
Wonderful Tonight: Eric Clapton
Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley
Lilac Wine: Jeff Buckley
Penny Lane: The Beatles
Angie: The Rolling Stones 
Layla: Eric Clapton
Love Her Madly: The Doors
Everyday: Buddy Holly
Blue Sunday: The Doors
Beggin': Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
Change the World: Eric Clapton
Working My Way Back To You: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
Touch Me: The Doors

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