Wednesday 3 December 2014

Dragon Age: Human Rogue (Archer)

So lately I've been blogging about Dragon Age a lot... because it's a brilliant game.

I've been playing as a human rogue even though I usually play Elf Mage. Proof of that can be found below. My friend Nikki tries to guess my class and race for every RPG I play. Which isn't very difficult because it's usually DPS + whatever the cutest race is:

But hey, you can't deny that Dragon Age Elves are adorable:

For some reason, playing a human rogue automatically set me as a noble, so I guess in Dragon Age: Inquisition, you can't choose your origin story.

All of the Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer footage has been for the mage class. Why? Clearly because the mage animations are beautiful. And I had a feeling that was why they chose to only demonstrate mage playthroughs. 

I just didn't realize that the archer animations would be so boring. It's literally the same animation for every move. 

So why did I choose archer? That's a good question. Fun fact, my boyfriend, Jordan, and I actually planned to play through this game together (which would be cute because Dragon Age: Origins is one of both of our favourite games), and we got to play as a female, so I settled on letting him choose the class and race. However, I kind of ended up taking over the playthrough. (sorry! >.<), so we decided to play separately. And I was left with an archer. :( 

Luckily, the rogue class lets you switch to double daggers pretty early on in the game, which is what I usually play for second playthroughs, and it's turning out to be pretty fun! 

I mean, not as pretty as anything in Solas' skill-trees, but it'll do. 

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