Sunday 11 January 2015

Fighting Games: Madcatz Fightstick!

For Christmas, I got my boyfriend a Madcatz Fightstick! It looks pretty much like this:

Except that the original parts (the buttons and the stick), were replaced with these green Sanwa parts which you can see in the ebay link above.

Its been a while since he's had it, but I finally got to try it out for myself and I think he agrees with me-- it plays like a dream (and, by extention, it is automatically an A+++ Christmas present, right?).

So I picked Street Fighter back up after years of putting it down-- because when you're young, Street Fighter is 95% button mashing-- and actually bothered to learn combos. 

I feel like the game is a lot more fun when you're... actually playing it. 

Anyway, this fightstick is both PC and Xbox compatible, and (I think?) can be used for other fighters. 

I wouldn't call  myself an expert, but I did do a lot of research and this fightstick is what I'd bet is the best you're going to get for how cheap it is. 

You can get them here at eBay where there's still a ton of listings with different skins. They'll range from $150-400 but the cheaper fightsticks should work just as well!

(Although one thing I've learned from a ton of shopping on eBay is, look out for shipping prices too... sometimes they try to trick you by putting all of the pricing into shipping :l).

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