Monday 19 January 2015

Music of Sorts: Let's Get Fucked Up and Die: Motion City Soundtrack

Hey friends!

Ok, so you can probably tell by the hair that this is an old cover, but I've got a huge back-log of covers I've never uploaded so here's this one.
When I uploaded this, I had a really bad cough :( so before this take, I found about 6 where I start the song but instead I have a coughing fit. Blegh. I'm amazed I got through the whole song once.

Didn't find any ukulele chords on the internet for this song, so the verses go:
C | Dm | C | F | G | C | C | Dm | Am | G
The chorus goes:
{F | G | Am | G} (x3) | F | G | C

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