Thursday 22 January 2015

Just Call Me Ana Somnia

Hey friends! Am I the only one who's been having trouble sleeping?

In the summer (and when I was in high school, like the sprite youngster that I was~), I would stay up until 6 am and jet off to class or work no problem.

So imagine my surprise when my "boundless" energy has finally run its course and I actually need sleep now. Unfortunately-- maybe my body has gotten so used to not sleeping much-- I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep and then staying asleep. Anyone else have that problem?

My friend suggested lavender scent would put me to sleep but "natural lavender" or lavender incense or anything isn't as easy to come by as it sounds (just kidding-- there's no way it sounds like that's easy to get). Good thing I remembered a website I found years (and years and years) ago!

<<<<<< It's called Ana Somnia. >>>>>>

It's an interactive art project which explores "the nature of our dreams" while also trying to help you sleep. It's light-sensitive, so you need to turn the lights off in your room or it won't work.

It goes through a cool but soothing animation and motivates you to keep your lights off. I know that when I can't sleep, I flick my lights back on and get things done. I read a book, clean the kitchen, shower again, and all it does is keep me awake.

Even if you're not going to use it to sleep, Ana Somnia is really cute!

PS. Kind of a creepy animation but I promise nothing jumps out at you.

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