Monday 26 January 2015

Cosplay outfit post: Frilly Apron and Popura Taneshima!

So some of you might remember when I cosplayed as Taneshima from the (really really cute >.<) anime called "Working!!". 

Honestly, I usually just go to cons in a Harley Quinn or Misty outfit so this is the first time I've really had to make anything. It was still a pretty easy cosplay-- white school blouse, black skirt, knee high socks, and I bought a black ribbon and tied it around my neck. The only thing I really had to do was the apron. 

Which was hell to find. 

My friend (pictured above) and I went to countless stores in about 5 different malls just to find a plain white apron. Then, after that, I had to cut about half of the middle out and then sew it back together so that it wasn't so long. 

Then I used that extra fabric to make the frills. Usually if you'd like to sew gathers, you sew a strip of fabric along the bottom normally and then push the fabric together so that it bunches together. Big, anime-ish frills work differently (but are just as easy)!

Start to sew the fabric along the bottom as normal and once you'd like to create a frill, take some of the unsewn fabric and double back over it (there should be 3 layers of fabric on top of each other) and sew. It's a little hard to push through so much fabric, and the hardest part is just not pricking yourself, I find, but it ends up making everything so much cuter. 


  1. It's funny how sometimes the simplest item that you need is the hardest to find?!

    1. Yeah! Everything's got some cute design on it or something... It's probably actually easier to make a lot of that stuff.