Saturday 7 March 2015

Bee and PuppyCat

So cute !!!

It's a new take on the whole "Magical Girl" thing-- she's kind of sassy and nobody is sure if her pet is a puppy or a cat, but she's still got the whole whimsical thing going on, which is pretty cute.

There's only 4 episodes out, and they're each actually 1/2 of a story, so it's more like 2 episodes. But I love it! It's from Cartoon Hangover, the same people who do Bravest Warriors, which they worked on with Pendleton Ward (the Adventure Time guy!) so it's another hodge-podge of random humour.

I really wish more were out, they've really captured the feeling of Sailor Moon and stuffed it into 6 minutes of an entirely new style-- in a good way.

And you can catch up in under 30m!

Holy wow, I love the aesthetic. I just want my room to look like her whole house.

Below is everything out for it:


  1. I love Bee and PuppyCat - the style is such a breath of fresh air ~
    I just wish the episodes came out more frequently lol

    1. I know! I can be somewhat cynical about originality but Bee and Puppycat was such a welcome change. Even one more episode would be nice