Tuesday 10 March 2015

What I'm Wearing: Deep Clouds

Choker [eBay]
Shirt [Walmart I think? Men's Large]
Skirt [H&M]
Tights [eBay]
Whale case [eBay]

This is a pretty eBay heavy outfit (but that means.. super cheap!). Stuff from eBay tends to rip when you don't pay a lot of money, so I actually had very low expectations of the cloud tights, but they are amazing! I want to order the other 4 colours. They've also got these cute little castles and carriages on the ankles! 

In case I haven't freaked out about this either yet, I just got my whale phone case in the mail (it's actually for iPhone 4 and I just got the 5 but I kind of stretched it over the phone to make it fit....)! The mouth holds your cards and one of the eyes are a hole for your camera. How cute, right?!

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