Wednesday 25 March 2015

What I'm Wearing: Cozy in Plaid

Beanie [Random hat vendor]
Plaid crop top [Forever 21]
Strappy suspender skirt [eBay]
Socks [Roots... sorry, American friends]
Plaid overshirt [Target]

I know usually pattern-on-pattern is a terrible idea but I love plaid so much. And they're sort of different types of plaid, right? One's dark and understated. I'm going to give myself an exception on this one. (It's ok, Angeli. Your outfit still looks nice.) (Thanks, Angeli.) 

Anyway, if you read my blog you probably know by now that I am all about cozy. During the winter months, I try to make sweatpants look as stylish and as non-homeless as possible (it only works sometimes). 

This outfit is all about that. The overshirt is more or less a blanket with sleeves. 

If you're American, I guess you've never worn Roots socks, but you better find a way to get your hands on them because they're the best thing ever. I feel like I'm in lumberjack couture. I feel like I"m slowly shedding my winter layers. Can you say true Canadian?

I also feel a little bit like that scene in Zoolander when Zoolander is working at the coal mine but he's still modelling in there for some reason.

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