Friday 10 April 2015

Slam Poetry: Telescopes

WARNING: We're about to get a lil' sappy up in here, and I'm a little disgusted with how gross and mushy I can get (as I write this I'm making my ugly "yuck, boys have cooties" face).

This last Sunday, April 5th, was mine and my boyfriends' first year of being together, so I thought I'd post this embarrassing poem I wrote and performed for/about him. 

I love posting about Slam Poems and things like that because it makes me seem a lot more worldly and refined than I really am, like I just go to coffee shops and poetry slams and I order Dark Roast blends at Starbucks (in reality, I don't even know what dark roast is...I don't even drink coffee. u_u)

Anyway, I'm so unbelievably happy that my teammate and partner is someone who always inspires me-- not only to write, but to be the best me out there. Thanks, Jordan.

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