Monday 6 April 2015

Webcomic: Ava's Demon

Alrighty, I haven't found any good webcomics lately and that's pretty unacceptable. Recently, I ran into this very unique one (shoutout to my brother-- I don't know why he was reading it though because it's pretty cutesy).

It's called Ava's Demon 

The pages/updates are pretty simple but it updates every Monday and Thursday, so new stuff is posted very often!

It's great buffer for a patient webcomic fan who's waiting for other, longer stuff to come out.

Like this incredibly long-term but, honestly, breathtakingly beautiful comic by Yuumei filled with kites and lights and pollution and vivacious teenagers set in front of modern day China called Knites. (I'm getting distracted....)

At first i thought Ava's Demon was going to be this mental illness metaphor type deal, but it's really something a lot more fantastical and out-of-this-world than that.

The only problem is that this artist is clearly in it for the long haul, because it's 1000+ images in and I am still trying to get a feel of where this story is going entirely. It throws you in, and considering a lot of her updates are dialogue-less, i feel like it will be a while before I get my full bearings on this comic.

Still, don't be afraid to check it out! I'd give it a 

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