Thursday 30 April 2015

What I'm Wearing: 80's Lolita

Long-chain Beaded Necklace [Forever 21]
Castle in the Sky Tights [eBay]
Green Slouchy Tee [H&M]
Off-White Ripped Shorts [Urban Outfitters]

Outside of my tights, this is one of my few all-mall outfits. Most of what I wear is online, so this is some rare stuff. Each piece individually isn't very special, but solid colours go a long way if you're careful. 

The dull green of my shirt and the green in my hair kind of help draw attention to my legs: I feel like if it weren't still cold out, this would have been a great summer outfit without tights and with heels to both draw attention to my legs and make myself taller (5"0 problems... ;__;)

I was filming a short film in this outfit and the beads kept getting in the way of the audio though. Warning: everyone heard me coming!

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