Sunday 17 May 2015

Take a peek inside the Pokemon Centre in Japan

Can you say Pokemon Nerd's dream???

This place (sorry, no, you can't heal your party there) sells stuff only available in Japan from shelves and shelves of Pokemon dolls, Pokemon stationary, Pokemon food-- and I mean, they even sold Pikachu themed curry powder. So of course, if you ever visit, buy EVERYTHING because who knows when you'll be back, right? That's what I did.

I bought earrings, pencils, chopsticks, folders, masterball candy, cute little pouches-- so many things!

I brought my tiny fluffy Pikachu on the trip but then I found this giant smiley one and another one where he was taking a nap and I completely lost it. How cute are they?! Too bad they were too big to fly home and also like.. 8000 yen ($80).

There was also replicas of some Pokemon inside the store of Charizard, Megacharizard, Lucario, and Mew

You can really tell which ones are the fan favourites because they get way more merchandise. I mean, I can promise that not all 649 Pokemon are here!! Sorry, if Trubbish is your favourite pokemon, you're out of luck, but if Inkay, Wailord or (obviously) Pikachu are more your speed, then you'll have a wild time! There was also a lot of Sylveon, so I was a pretty happy camper. 

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