Thursday 25 June 2015

Life Update: My Lovely Trip to Japan

Japan was amazing!! I know that this is super delayed but I've been working in an office for 10 hours a day, which is pretty exhausting, and I got a little caught up in Game of Thrones. I've mentioned before, but I visited Japan because a) I've always wanted to go and b) my parents got married there (in one of the only Catholic churches in Japan) and I finally got to see the tiny room where it happened. I didn't take pictures of that because somehow that felt disrespectful. 

Ok! First impression: breakfast places sell hot strawberry milk and my sweet tooth agrees that it's one of the best things i will ever taste. I wonder if I could get that somewhere in Canada? It haunts my dreams. Seriously. I love it.

I loaded up with TONS of presents (for myself and for other people) including a Haro filled with Gundam-themed chocolate, hair products, skin products, cute little tea cups, chopsticks, candy, and tons and tons and tons of patterned tights. The big fluffy thing in the corner is a giant, round kitty plushie.

Of course, first thing I wanted to do was eat sushi (because it's one of the many things I am addicted to). We didn't get as much as I'd hoped because my mom's not wild on raw fish, but we did go to a sushi bar late one night. The sushi chefs wear rainboots because behind the bar was totally flooded with melted ice to keep the fish cold and everything, and when you order something, they put it on a ledge in front of the bar, instead of giving it to you on a plate. So cool!

It was definitely a challenge to try and communicate with the sushi chef, but he was so accommodating about it. He tried to tell us that you're supposed to eat the white stuff under the sushi and the wasabi leaves underneath, they're not just for presentation... I feel like a fool now. ^^"

We also tried blowfish at a specialty restaurant one night. You need to get certified to cut those, because if you do it wrong, it's suuuuuper poisonous. I wasn't a wild fan, though, it didn't taste like much and it was super rubbery. I mean, if anything is that hard to eat AND it's poisonous, humans were not built to eat it.

I also bought shoes that cost 200CAD, but Yen is about one 100th of that, so I am the proud owner of a reciept that says "20,000". 

We visited a lot of temples over the trip, which I liked, including the Fushimi-Inari shrine (1000 gates, i think it's called?). My family and I couldn't get all the way to the top, it was so exhausting, we only saw the 200 gate shrine, I guess. (hahaha.... I know I'm not funny). But I did capture this very brief moment of emptiness!

I also went to a cat cafe, and let me tell you... like everyone else on the internet, and their grandmas who have yet to discover the internet, I love cats. But clearly, they don't love me as much-- I mean, cats don't really love anything-- plus I'm allergic, so i could only stay for like, an hour before I was sneezing everywhere. But you pay a flat fee, and you can play with them with those little mouse-toys on a stick, and they freak out over them. I wish I had a video, but they'll chase each other for that shit.

Anyway, Japan was a great time but, of course, I'm happy to be back home in Toronto! That's country #1 in the list of 3 countries I'll be visiting this summer. I'm so excited. x_x

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