Sunday 21 June 2015

What I'm Wearing: Westerosi Map Dress!

Westeros Map Dress [Anime North - available at Blackmilk]
Kimchi Blue Extra Long Navy Cardigan [Urban Outfitters]
Heels [Camden Market; London, England]

I know that this blog has been nothing but Game of Thrones lately, but the season just ended, so let's just let me have this one last Game of Thrones related post to wrap-up the season! I have a lot of trouble quitting Game of Thrones cold turkey every year. 

 I got this dress from a convention-- it's weird because anime conventions now do non-anime stuff. All conventions seem to sort of just melt into the same amalgamation of "general nerd stuff" these days. I sometimes worry, because the hem isn't sewn, so it looks like the bottom could fray much quicker than other dresses, but its held up pretty well so far, so we'll see! 

And as I always have and will be, blue is my go-to colour. 

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