Tuesday 10 February 2015

How I Handle: Not Wanting to Leave the House

Before I begin, I'd like to preface this post with the reminder that this is how I handle things. And while my advice often works for a lot of people I know and helps them the way it helps me, it won't work for everyone, I'd imagine.

I am an ambivert, meaning that sometimes I need some time to myself and sometimes I can't stand it. But just because I sometimes need time to myself doesn't mean I am not an outgoing person!

Still, sometimes I find it hard to leave my house. Does anyone else find themselves in these moods? You just want to curl up in your bed and watch Netflix night after night-- you're so tired after working and whatever else that you constantly find yourself wanting to get into pajamas as soon as possible and catch up on sleep (but you rarely do).

I am so guilty of this. My friends call me to meet them at the bar across from my apartment but my bra is already off so I've already written off leaving the house for the night.

Personally, when it goes on for long enough, I start forcing myself to go out. It's the hardest thing to do, but I always end up enjoying the night, in the long run. Some of the best nights of my life started with a "I don't want to do this today...." and I'm almost always glad that I make myself do it.

As exhausting as it is, I'm always a lot happier and a lot more satisfied with myself.


  1. Love this post - can relate 100%!!

    -from your house homie who can't wait to get home and put on her pajamas. ;) <3

    1. at least I always have you waiting at home for me with Friends and food ! <3

  2. Yes, I'm a pretty introverted person that likes hanging out with friends every once in awhile but then mostly being on my own. It's gotten a little worse what with the snow/weather and now I'm working from home but, hey, it's hibernation time! I'll be more outgoing when it's not freezing out, haha.

    But finding that energy can be tough. Usually I like to make "going out" a bigger deal, such as picking out a cute outfit, doing my makeup, etc. Make it into a ritual.

    1. I can definitely identify with the need to be alone and how hard it can be to find your energy. It just makes it more special i suppose! But the cold is a 100% valid reason to hibernate (bears do it so it's in nature, right?).