Saturday 7 February 2015

Outfit: Summer Snows

Miami Shirt [Cut up from my dad's closet... sorry dad.]
Teal Bandeau [Forever 21]
Red Shorts [HR2 - Holt Renfrew]
Tights [eBay]

I'm pretty addicted to dressing like it's summer all the time, which is unfortunate when you live in Canada. I try to wear long socks over my tights and then a long coat, but there's still an awkward gap and my knees are always cold. <<sigh>>

My tights are always ripping though. Which I guess has this cool look to itself but I would kill for a pair of stockings that aren't going to tear when I tug on them too hard (I'm not really good with the whole 'gentle touch' thing....). 

I try to tell myself that these are only summer snows, and true winter hasn't come yet... even though I hope this is as winter as it gets. It's always so cold... the things I do in the name of wearing cute tights. :(

It's so cold that people are skating on Lake Ontario!

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