Saturday 9 May 2015

New Japanese Concealer!

There have been a lot of make-up posts lately... the next one will be about Game of Thrones though! It's just that I got a huge haul from Japan. So next up: 
Ettusais Premium: Perfect Clear Up Concealer
[2300 yen, or about $23]

The package is cute but not cluttery-looking like the Panda Dream stick. It's kind of elegant. 

One thing that makes me kind of hesitant about buying skin products in/from East Asia is that my skin tone doesn't really suit it. I usually try to avoid tanning, but even if I'm light enough, my skin has a neutral undertone when most products in Asia are for gold/yellow undertones. 

This is a really interesting product because it's a concealer that sells 1 product for all shades! You apply the lighter concealer to cover up dark circles and imperfections and then the darker colour to match your skin.

If you have the time and a bright mirror, and like cream products, it really clears up your skin!

However, even though it's more precise, it's a bit of a thicker consistency than I'm used to. Maybe it's just me, but it's not the easiest to apply for under the eyes. It seems like it's best used on small spots like blemishes. 

I usually use Mabelline Age Rewind ($10) from the drug store, which (for its price) is still my favourite everyday concealer, but I am happy that I also bought the Ettusais concealer too.

It's a great product, but I have trouble finding it online. I got it at Loft, a Japanese department/living store. If you can find it, it seems like it'll last really really long, so it's worth the 2300 yen/$23.

Ease of Use: 2.5/5
Ease of Finding: 1/5
Effectiveness: 4.5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Price: 3/5


  1. Just looking at the photo it does seem a little thicker than most!

    1. Sometimes it even sticks to my hand while applying! At least I know it's long lasting. :)